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We stock Mobility Scooters from Pride, Kymco, Shoprider, Electric Mobility, TGA, Days Healthcare and Roma. Other mobility Scooters are available, please call our Didcot shop for details on 01235 519777 or visit our main site at www.truemobility.co.uk

Our mobility scooters are broadly seperated into four types: Travel Mobility Scooters, 4mph Mobility Scooters, 6mph Scooters and 8mph Mobility Scooters.

Mobility Scooter Choice


Road Going Scooters

For road-going mobility scooters, consider models such at the Kymco Maxi XL Mobility Scooter or Electric Mobility 329LE Mobility Scooter. Please note that all road-going Class 3 mobility scooters will require a license from the DVLA. When you order we will happily explain how one can be obtained free of charge.

We normally keep 2-4 demonstration Road Going Scooters at the store.


Pavement Scooters

Pavement mobility scooters are a popular class of scooter and are legally restricted to 4 mph and designated Class 2 mobility scooters. Unlike a travel scooter, they are not designed to be taken apart regularly. However, they generally offer more comfort and capability that the smaller travel mobility scooter. For full size pavement mobility scooters consider the Roma Sorrento Mobility Scooter or the Rascal 388D Mobility Scooter

We normally keep around 3-4 Pavement Scooters at the store.

Travel Scooters

Travel scooters are the most popular category of mobility scooter. A Travel Scooter can be easily transported and broken down into several smaller and lighter parts. We have found that some popular and reliable models are the Days ST2 Scooter, Pride GoGo Elite Traveller Mobility Scooter, and Kymco Mini S Mobility Scooter. Some types of travel mobility travel scooter have slightly larger batteries and can carry a more substantial load. While this type of mobility scooter tends to weigh more than their smaller cousins they are very useful for the heavier user or the person who might need to travel a greater distance. Examples of this type of mobility scooter are the RMA Paris or the Pride GoGo Elite Traveller Plus mobility scooter.

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