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Choice and quality in Rise and Recline Chairs.

Choice and quality in Rise and Recline Chairs.

Rise Recline Chairs in Oxfordshire

At True Mobility we always keep an extensive range of Rise & Recline Chairs in stock. Our demonstration chairs are chosen to provide a broad choice of sizes and styles to suit anybody. We normally kep 7-8 Demonstration Rise Recline chairs in the store plus 1 or 2 non moving "Fireside" chairs.

If you suffer from medical problems such as arthritis and back pain, and find it difficult to get up from your chair you my find a riser/recliner chair will help you.

An Electric riser recliner chair rises up so you are almost standing. To sit back down, rest in the chair, press the button and lower. Depending on the model of chair you purchase, when you recline the footrest will automatically rise, supporting your legs. The riser recliner chair can be electric or manual.

Remember if you are purchasing an electric riser/recliner chair, ensure it can be positioned near an electric socket. and unless the chair has a "wall hugging" action, you need to make sure there is adequate room behind the chair to allow for it to recline. 

What type of riser recliner chair should I get?
This depends upon your needs, size and of course style preference. The most important factor is to get the size right. A correctly sized chair will let your feet sit flat on the floor with a small space behind the knee and the lower back well supported in the lumbar area. There should be enough room at the sides to allow for different clothing and the head should be well supported when reclining. 

Once the size has been determined you can consider other optional extras:

Do you need additional supports, massage and heat facilities?

Riser/recliner chairs come in different sizes to suit people who are different sizes. Ensure you get the right size chair for you, thus ensuring your comfort for years to come.

True Mobility offer an excellent level of choice and quality in the mobility market for rise and recline chairs. For further information on the range of high quality rise recline chairs that are available, please call us on 01235 519777 or visit our website www.truemobility.co.uk.

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